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We're here!

 Captains log: Volcanos Date: July 25, 2022 Time: around 4AM Position: Kaneohe bay Oahu Hawaii For those who have loved ones on the boat, you may not be reading this as you've already heard the great news that we landed safely. I'll simply write this last post to sum up what many have already imagined or gathered.  I'll speak for myself but I think it is mostly representative of how all the crew feel. This trip was monumental, transitional, gave clarity to important things in life, tried us, tested us and taught us. What this was for each of us remains inside each of us to learn and grow from. It's my hope that when crossroads are presented that a choice is made and a path is followed. Too many times in my life has a new path been revealed of which I clearly feel in my bones is my road. I've at times not taken this path or started down that path, to then revert, then again find that path years later.  Although this journey was expected to give us endless h

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